Innovative and ambitious

Patrick van den Berg and Angel Benguigui Diaz
General Managers

Impact at the heart of our growth

Our approach is resolutely forward-looking: innovation meets audacity and every initiative is guided by an ambitious vision of growth with impact. With innovation and ambition as the cornerstones of responsible growth, we’re building a dynamic world where these two concepts pave the way for growth which goes beyond conventional boundaries.

This year, the expansion of our extra-financial KPIs gives us a clearer picture of our progress. We’ve defined clear CSR objectives in line with the IPCC recommendations and the principles of the UN World Compact. This has resulted in a significant reduction in our carbon emissions.

Solidarity within the Group

has been strengthened on a daily basis thanks to innovative partnerships which enable a wide range of people to receive training and find employment. Our teams have also provided local support for causes close to their hearts, and we’ve demonstrated our commitment by resolutely including people with disabilities at all levels of responsibility.

The success of our innovative services - which are designed for a constantly evolving circular economy - is the best recognition of the effectiveness and impact of our actions by our customers.

The results of the impact strategy defined five years ago are therefore positive. We’re halfway towards achieving our objectives, and over the next five years we must persevere and aspire to do ever better in order to fully assume our corporate responsibility. This is the path mapped out by our One Econocom strategic plan, which was announced in November 2023.

Choosing to be ambitious

  • means actively working to reduce our environmental footprint by 60%* for scopes 1 and 2 by 2028. Group purchases representing more than 85% of our emissions will be made from SBTi-certified suppliers, aiming to reduce our Scope 3 emissions by 50%.
  • also means attracting as many people as possible and creating the desire to contribute to this collective adventure, all the while developing new skills and expertise to serve this mission. 

We firmly believe in the relevance of our agile innovation model and are investing in tools which will significantly accelerate our growth in the circular economy. 

At the same time, we’re speeding up innovation by working directly with our customers and involving our entire ecosystem in order to rapidly transform our business.

Our ambition in terms of impact and growth is therefore realistic. It’s based on solid foundations and reflects our collective determination to become a major player in the responsible economy.

Our contribution to decarbonizing the economy

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