Certifications and labels

Quality requirements

3 quality labels. In 2023 we were carefully assessed:
Our Product Care service centre is the after-sales service for mobility, with the mission of maintaining, repairing and extending the life of mobile devices, phones, tablets and laptops. Product Care has been awarded the QualiRépar label.

Our Econocom Factory refurbishment activity with the SMAAART brand has also obtained this label, as well as  QualiCert certification, which validates the quality of the operations carried out. Customers can be reassured by the reliability of refurbished products. 

We know that this certification is re-examined every 3 years, so it obliges us to keep up our efforts. We did just this with the RecQ label obtained this year (the first European quality label for second-hand products) based on the extent to which our efforts meet the requirements of the benchmark system, co-constructed by the digital sector.

Ensuring proper care

The QualiRépar label brings together public regulators, the repair industry and the eco-organisations Ecologic and Ecosystem in an approach based on 7 criteria:

customer information and awareness

the repairer's expertise

the customer and repairer journey

checks and improvements

waste management

training/qualification of the repairer

the repairer's organisation

An audit is carried out by an independent certification body. The label is awarded for 3 years, with a follow-up audit after 18 months. 

"Obtaining the QualiRépar label by the Product Care service centre rewards the professionalism of our teams and guarantees our customers that their employees' mobile hardware will be taken care of in an efficient, transparent and eco-responsible way,"

emphasises Philippe Goullioud, President of the Econocom Group's Products & Solutions business.

Professional refurbishing

QUALICERT service certification certifies that service commitments comply with a set of guidelines validated in consultation with professionals, users and public authorities. The certification body, SGS ICS, is coordinating the work to define the commitments to be met. These are set out in a reference manual. Entities which desire to be certified must comply with the QUALICERT standards applicable to their activity. 

Informing the general public

The RecQ label is supported by DEKRA Certification. It ensures specific quality criteria for used products refurbished and provides consumers with clear information on the actual condition of the product, its components, accessories, warranties and associated after-sales services.

Obtaining the RecQ refurbishing Label means :

Identifying the quality of refurbished products according to a recognised standard

Providing information on the eco-responsibility of products on the market

Removing doubts about the quality of data erasure

ISO 14001: the universal reference

We work within the clearest of rules, which is why we use labels and standards. The most universal reference is the ISO standard. Today, 23,000 ISO standards are followed worldwide, in all sectors of activity. 

ISO is the acronym for the International Organization for Standardization, which brings together expert bodies from around 140 countries. ISO standards define the optimum method for managing a production or service process, using guidelines for actions which produce concrete, measurable results.

ISO 14001 is the standard for good environmental practice in the design and use of buildings for business activities.

3 pivots:

  • An in-depth environmental analysis of the areas and activities to identify their regulatory requirements and impacts. 
  • Compliance with the applicable regulatory tools is a prerequisite, but a policy of continuous performance improvement and prevention of negative effects is also necessary. 
  • A regular review of practices and resources is considered essential in order to achieve this.

We started the effort in 2022. Econocom Factory was awarded ISO 14001 certification. In 2024, we’ll complete certification of the French sites at Puteaux, Le Plessis-Robinson, Mérignac, Parçay-Meslay, Villeurbanne, Toulouse, Labège, Linas. Zaventem in Belgium has been certified beginning of 2024.  Each step brings us closer to our goal. 

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