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Our solutions in digital responsibility
are based on three pillars 

According to the French environmental agency ADEME, the digital technology sector now accounts for 4% of greenhouse gases. If today’s trend continues, these emissions could double by 2025.

For several years, we’ve been reducing our own carbon footprint and providing clients with concrete solutions to reduce the environmental impact of their digital technology and to make this a driver of social inclusion.

For example, in 2020 we collected more than 430,000 digital products in their end-of-life phase from our clients and 90% of these were reconditioned by associations for people with disabilities with whom we’ve been working for over ten years.

The circular economy is at the heart of our offerings, from the eco-design of digital platforms to second-life solutions for digital equipment, without forgetting Watt’s Green, our solution for measuring the environmental impact of digital technology and finding ways to act on it.


Econocom, a responsible digital entrepreneur

As part of a dynamic circular economy, we build solutions to support our clients throughout the life cycle of their digital products or services in order to reduce their environental impact.

supporting the circular economy

Tackling the digital divide

•    Improving access to digital technology in schools
•    Improving access to digital technology among people with reduced mobility

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Digital environmental impact

  • Measuring and controlling the environmental footprint of IT systems
  • Coordinating energy spending and solutions in energy performance
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  • Digital platform eco-design, 
  • Extension of equipment lifespan with social and solidarity associations, and operations in the product-service economy
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Tackling the digital divide

Improving access to digital technology in schools and among people with reduced mobility


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