and Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback: the finance leasing solution that helps optimise
your financial ratios and secure your cash flow.

Need to optimise your financial ratios
and safeguard your cash flow?

Sale and Leaseback: The finance leasing solution for enjoying a cash inflow
while keeping your debt level the same

Safeguard and optimise your cash flow

To ensure business continuity
To make strategic investments

Improve your financial appeal

To improve the solvency ratios and performance indicators of your accounts 
To attract investors 

Streamline your operational management

To optimise management of your estate and suppliers
To bring analytical reinvoicing into your organisation 

Our finance leasing offering in detail:
The three-step implementation

Initial assessment

  • Defining the assets to sell
  • Validating the corresponding net book value

Estate handed over

  • Lease contract signed
  • Assets sold to Econocom

Lease contract comes into force

  • Payment from Econocom of the net book value
  • Lease contract comes into force

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