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How can you deploy mobility in a simple manner,
while ensuring devices are secure
and costs are kept under control? 

Our equipment and
connectivity solutions

Offering devices, accessories and connectivity tailored to new mobile needs. 

Devices and accessories

All market products available for acquisition or subscription.

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Managed services

Services to deploy and maintain the mobile device fleet, regardless of OS and operator.

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Data connectivity

Data connectivity that guarantees access to the best network.

Our solutions in management
and mobile security

Solutions to meet  your users’ needs without compromising on performance, security and resilience

Mobile device management

Solutions in enterprise mobility management (EMM/MDM) form the basis of any mobility scheme. They help define security policies, help block and remove devices remotely and help manage access to your firm’s resources.

Management of mobile threats

Today's mobile devices are true workstations, full of organization and personal data and equipped. This makes them a key target for malware and phishing attacks. 
To meet this challenge, we will work with you to deploy tailored solutions (MTD) combined with EMM.

‘Twist’, our mobility
management platform

Simplify management of your mobile environment and make better business decisions 

Understanding your environment

From telecoms operators and terminal distributors to EMM/MDM solutions, HR databases and ITSM, all components of your mobility solution are brought together via our platform Twist and its 200+ APIs.

Defining management rules and policies

From device management and customisation options to after-sales service commitments, all management policies and reference lists (users, groups, catalogues) are supported in our platform Twist.

+ A user experience enhanced through end-to-end management of processes.

Optimising and automating processes

Through the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) factory integrated into Twist, our consultants automate day-to-day processes for greater efficiency and higher quality output.

 + the managers focus on optimisation, and no longer on everyday operational management

Coordinating solution components

As a unified management platform, Twist becomes the most comprehensive source of programme data and provides powerful and dynamic dashboards on usage, costs and processes.

Programme managers benefit from clear indicators for decision making.

Our offerings
in managed
services for
your mobile scheme

Our teams take care of everything, from SIM and device estate management to user support, operator relations and telecoms cost control.

Our conviction:
mobility as a service

Don't buy, subscribe, with our all-inclusive fee.

A single licence fee covering devices, services and solutions

Additional options for managing incidents (breakages, theft, etc.)  

Flexible and responsible end-of-life management (electronic waste recycling, reselling to users, etc.)

and market-leading certifications

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