A made-to-measure solution that covers all
your technological, financial and operational needs

Need a financing solution
that supports you in all your projects?

360° Financing: The asset financing solution for your technological,
industrial and energy investments that is tailored to your operational and financial needs


Free choice of your suppliers over an extensive region

Expert knowledge of technological obsolescence and new uses

Existing assets taken and reused

Access to the latest generation of equipment

Reduction of operating costs with standardisation of assets



Financing your digital, industrial and energy projects while keeping your investment capacity

Optimisation of your financial indicators and ratios through our accounting expertise

Diversification of financing sources

Cash inflow

Optimising costs through expert knowledge of the future value of equipment



Externalisation of your operational and administrative management

A model that can be tailored to your pace and organisational method

Guarantee of end-of-use conformity and efficiency of your equipment

Coordination of your leased assets with Lifecycle management

Care taken of your accidents and incidents (theft, breakage, etc.)




up to 10 years 

Extensive geographical scope

EMEA / North America 

Range of assets

IT, industrial, energy


Operational support

  • Administrative and operational management of suppliers
  • Management of assets
  • Contract governance
  • Management of end of use

Financial support

  • Tailor-made financing
  • Capex/Opex accounting
  • Optimisation of financial ratios
  • Alternative to bank financing


The different contracts

project contract

Enjoy a tailor-made solution that meets your needs 

Client needs

  • Equipment always suited to your needs made available to you
  • Your whole project financed: hardware, software and services
  • Control over budgets in the face of changing needs


Econocom solution

  • Execution period scheduled to help you carry out your project
  • Leasing of your equipment during the period initially agreed on, with the possibility to extend it if need be
  • Tailor-made scalable contract with equipment added or replaced
  • All-digital client path
  • Leasing pattern customisable in line with budgetary restrictions (steadily increasing or decreasing)
  • Enjoy the residual value of products


Contractual flexibility

  • Handling of roll-out phase
  • Partial return of leased equipment tolerated at end of contract


framework agreement

Implement your projects simply and without time constraints

Client needs

  • Investments as and when, recurring and spread over time 
  • Contractual framework tailored to the roll-out pace 

Econocom solution

  • Definition of financial and operational conditions in a framework agreement
  • A new call-off contract is applied at regular intervals in line with investments made in respect of the contract-defined conditions
  • All-digital client path
  • Enjoy the residual value of products

Contractual flexibility

  • Handling of a roll-out phase
  • Partial return of leased equipment tolerated at end of contract
  • Extension conditions negotiated

TRO contract (Technology Refresh Option)

Client needs

  • For the firm: making suitable productivity tools available to employees and staying agile
  •  For the finance department: controlling costs and coordinating budgets effectively
  •  For the IT department: having the chance to manage equipment by dissociating use durations and lease durations
  •  For employees: having a workstation that is constantly suited to its environment and uses

Econocom solution

  • Making a half-yearly investment capacity available
  • Assets renewed as part of an established budgetary framework
  • A defined, stable rent during the entire contract duration
  • Budgetary management of spending
  • A precise coordination tool for easier decision-making

Contractual flexibility

  • Handling of a roll-out phase each half-year
  • Partial return of leased equipment tolerated throughout the framework agreement
  • Equipment made available, without additional costs, beyond the planned duration of use
  • No formal commitment to spending, for complete freedom
  • Equipment can leave and enter at any time
  • A single call-off contract applied each half-year for complete visibility
  • Extension conditions negotiated

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