CSR & impact

Econocom aims to improve its appeal to a new generation of talents, to boost innovation, to speed up responsible development of its business, and to steer digital transformation towards a more sustainable future.

Our purpose

To promote a circular, responsible digital approach for a positive impact. 

Our CSR policies 

Solutions with a CSR impact for uses that are more sustainable and less energy-intensive

• Decarbonation of products and services 
• Transition to a circular economy
• Cybersecurity and data protection
• Exemplarity in Green IT and circular economy


Responsible local approach to our operations

• Managing the effects of our operations responsibly (buildings, cars, logistics) 
• CSR partnerships
• Responsible procurement and supply-chain resilience
• Local rootedness 
• Support for local employment 
• Actions in sponsoring (education and digital responsibility)


Human capital that generates value

• Managing new approaches to work 
• Health, well-being and quality of life at work  
• Labour relations and employee dedication 
• Inclusion and diversity 


Responsible governance

• CSR incorporated into business strategy 
• Responsible governance
• Corporate culture


Our areas of commitment

ed tech

We believe in the positive impact of digital technology and see it as a way of effectively meeting the needs and demands of learners throughout their lives. Econocom actively helps tackle the digital divide in education.

green IT

Digital technology pollutes, but its rise is a great chance to speed up the ecological transition. Econocom actively helps develop responsible digital technology. 


Uses change over time, including in our way of working, whether independently, collaboratively or through mobility. Digital technology is a solution for building working environments that give talents greater freedom. 

Our CSR manifesto

As a responsible digital entrepreneur and pioneer of the digital circular economy, the Econocom Group has made a commitment with the publication of the first founding element of its CSR policy: its manifesto.

econocom in action

One digital company