Digital technology has reinvented
interactions between colleagues.

New needs inside firms 

Digital technology has reinvented interactions between colleagues. Hybrid ways of working have speeded up the need for technology at work to include participants in meetings remotely.

Offices now operate differently to the way that they operated in pre-Covid years. Before, employees would go to the office to work and be productive. Today, they go to the office to meet up with colleagues. In ninety percent of meetings, at least one participant joins in online. Platforms need to be user-friendly to make this remote participation easier. 

Firms are using traditional offices less and less and are using meeting rooms more and more, in a friendly environment.

Econocom’s response

To meet this demand, Econocom can offer audiovisual solutions and unified communications for employees on a global scale – standardised solutions that are easy to use, especially for improving user experience and networking during meetings.

Jean Pierre Overbeek, CEO of BIS|Econocom

‘Econocom has the capacity to roll out and maintain thousands of meeting rooms for large groups worldwide.’ 

Today, the group applies its audiovisual expertise
in the following entities in Europe: 

Exaprobe, an expert in smart office technology, cybersecurity, and services and solutions in infrastructure and networking. 

BIS|Econocom, an expert in services and solutions in audiovisual technology, unified communications and digital signage. 

Moreover, the group offers considerable audiovisual expertise in its Products & Solutions business line in France, Spain and Italy.


Audiovisual-as-a-service: a monthly subscription that includes use of the best-suited solutions, including the services required and lifecycle management of devices.

These firms place their trust in us: 

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