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Atos chooses the consortium formed by Econocom, Onepoint and Butler Industries

Econocom Group has been selected as one of the 110+ companies that make up Euronext Tech Leaders

Atos/Econocom: “Deep down, men can no more do without being led than they can do without eating, drinking or sleeping.” Charles de Gaulle

Econocom joins the consortium headed by Onepoint and supports its strategic plan to save Atos

Q1 2024 revenue growth: 2.6% including 2.4% organic growth

Econocom launches a extensive recruitment campaign: a major step in its growth strategy

Two newcomers on Econocom’s board of directors

Sale of Les Abeilles to the Boluda group: having received favourable opinions in talks with the relevant works councils, Econocom announces that it has finalised and signed agreements with the buyer

Econocom launches ‘Impact’: a digital media outlet that showcases the group’s CSR commitments

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