equipment leased

The solution for providing and financing second-hand equipment.

How can you replace your equipment while limiting both your environmental impact and spending?

EcoLease : Providing and leasing refurbished products as good as new

Econocom is an expert in procedures for refurbishing IT products and digital devices, so can offer you high-quality reconditioned products. Collective awareness of the climate emergency has given rise to our era of second-hand, refurbished products. Econocom is a pioneer in leasing refurbished hardware and promotes this approach with real benefits for its clients.

A shortage of electronic components has disrupted lead times in the supply of products, including those that give employees a satisfactory working environment. In this context, the EcoLease solution meets clients’ needs by providing high-quality refurbished products.

Provision of products

Provision of new accessories

(charger and cable)

Equipment delivery

24-month guarantee

Solution benefits

Environmental impact reduced

equipment is given a second life through refurbishing

Employees satisfied

they are provided with higher-end equipment

Budget optimised

a level of quality and service like that enjoyed for brand-new products

Eligible equipment




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