• Jean-Louis Bouchard

    Founder of Econocom group
    Executive director

    Jean-Louis Bouchard is founder,  Chairman 

    After starting his career with IBM in Europe and the United States, Jean-Louis Bouchard laid the foundations of the group in France in 1973 under the name Europe Computer Systems (ECS). After acquiring Econocoman American company in 1984, he combined ECS’s international subsidiaries and renamed the new entity Econocom.

    Jean-Louis Bouchard, who was chosen Entrepreneur of the Year by “Challenges” magazine in 1987, was quick to spot the changes that IT would bring to the daily lives of companies, institutions and users.

    Driven by its external growth strategy, the group has expanded rapidly. The key to its success has been its ability to anticipate the convergence between IT and telecoms, and then the need to offer its customers financing solutions to enable them to transform their companies.

    In 2013, Econocom acquired the Osiatis Group, which enabled it to make significant progress in the field of digital services. Econocom places users at the center of the digital transformation by offering them beneficial technologies and solutions.

    Jean-Louis Bouchard studied at the Prytanée national military school in La Flèche, attended the Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Génie Maritime Naval Engineering Academy and became a naval architect. He was the key player in the integration of Les Abeilles into the Econocom Group in early 2020.

  • Laurent Roudil

    Group CEO

    Laurent Roudil is CEO of Econocom Group.

    He has held executive positions in the digital transformation field and acquired over 25 years of experience in France and internationally.

    Laurent began his career in 1993 with Thales in Sweden, where he was responsible for coordinating the group’s know-how for Nordic countries.

    In 1995, he created JPI, a company that specialised in importing and distributing cosmetics in the United States and then joined Siveco Group in 1996 as International Director.

    In 2000, he joined Capgemini France as Sales Director for Public Services and subsequently assumed the positions of Executive Director for Energy, Utilities and Industry (2007) and Sales Director (2009).

    In 2012, he was appointed General Manager, Business Development & Transformation of BT Group in France.

    In 2015, he joined Econocom Group as Managing Director of strategic accounts. Three years later, he was appointed Managing Director of Services in a business unit with 5,000 employees dedicated to applications, IT outsourcing and maintenance, where he led a fundamental transformation of the Services activity by streamlining the business portfolio and tripling profitability.

    In January 2020, he was appointed Group Managing Director before being appointed Group CEO in January 2022.  

    Laurent Roudil is graduated from INSEEC Group.

  • Angel Benguigui

    Executive Managing Director


    Angel Benguigui is Executive Managing Director of Econocom Group.

    Angel Benguigui has 35 years of experience in international settings, in particular in finance and digital technology.

    After starting his professional career with the Crédit Lyonnais and Crédit Agricole groups, he joined the Econocom Group in 2006 as Country Manager Spain. At this small subsidiary, he developed the financing business and the distribution and digital services businesses, in particular by conducting  successful acquisitions strategy. As a result of these developments, Econocom Spain is recognized in the country as a high value-added digital integrator. 

    In 2019, after several years on the Econocom Group’s executive committee , he was appointed Chief Financial Officer. In 2020, he was named Managing Director of Econocom Group before being appointed  Executive Managing Director in January 2022.

    Angel Benguigui has studied at the Lycée Français in Madrid and then at the Complutense University of Madrid in economics and business. He is fluent in Spanish, French and English.


  • Philippe Goullioud

    Managing Director (via Metis SAS)
    P&S activity France

    Philippe Goullioud has been Managing Director of Econocom’s “Products & Solutions” activity in France since 2007.

    Philippe began his career in 1989 in a French start-up as export manager and, ultimately, as manager. Four years later, he joined the group’s distribution company, where he rose to the position of Managing Director.

    In September 2007, Philippe joined Econocom’s “Products & Solutions” division in France as Managing Director. For the past fourteen years, he has managed and grown this business, continuously developing it, in particular by innovating and introducing product-related services that help our customers’ meet the challenges of acquiring digital products.

    In 2017, Philippe also created, and since then has developed, the “Product Care” service, which focuses on repairing and extending the lifespan of mobility devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), thus assisting our customers in meeting their societal and environmental responsibilities in this area.

    Philippe is a graduate of IFAG, a management school that specialises in entrepreneurship. He did his third year of university in the USA, partly at the Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

  • Chantal De Vrieze

    Managing Director Belux

    Chantal De Vrieze is Managing Director of Econocom Belux.

    Chantal De Vrieze has held management positions in the field of digital technologies and services financing for over 30 years. She began her career in the marketing department of Agfa, where she acquired solid expertise in the pay-per-use financing model for IT equipment.

    She then worked for the Van Breda Group as director of the IT and medical equipment leasing department, where she honed her expertise in financing and leasing solutions.

    In 2001, she joined the Econocom Group in Belgium and was appointed to various executive positions over the next 15 years. In 2015, she joined the Altran Group as CEO of Altran Belgium, where she developed her knowledge of IT services. She then returned to Econocom in 2019 as Managing Director Benelux. Since May 2022, she has been Managing Director Belux.

    Chantal De Vrieze is a member of the boards of directors of EVS Broadcast Equipment, Axa, Picanol, Colruyt and Guberna.

    Chantal De Vrieze holds a law degree from the University of Ghent.

  • Eric Bazile

    Chief Financial Officer

    Eric Bazile is the Group Chief Financial Officer of Econocom.

    Eric Bazile began his career as an auditor and financial consultant with Arthur Andersen, where he remained for six years. He then spent 15 years with Bosch as Finance Director France, Managing Director Finance and Support Functions Benelux and, ultimately, Plant Co-Manager in Germany. He joined Econocom in 2013 as Deputy CFO of Services and, subsequently, was named Group Administrative Director in 2015 and Group Financial Controller in January 2016.

    In 2021, Eric Bazile was appointed Group Chief Financial Officer of Econocom.

    Eric Bazile is graduated from the ESCP Business School, from the Carnegie Bosch Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and chartered accountant

  • Samira Draoua

    Managing Director, Technology Management & Financing activity in France

    Samira Draoua is Managing Director for the Technology Management & Financing activity in France.

    For over 25 years, Samira Draoua has built her career on three pillars: financing, international growth and new technology.

    After heading key strategic accounts at BNP Paribas Leasing for 10 years, Samira joined the Cisco group in 2007 to develop and manage its subsidiary Cisco Capital, before joining Econocom Group in 2012. 

    At Econocom, she was firstly be in charge of the group’s major international clients. She was then in 2017 be overseeing Econocom’s international growth, through which the group is strengthening its leadership considerably in the markets of Europe, the US and South-East Asia.

    In February 2020, she is appointed General Manager for the Technology Management & Financing activity in France.

    After having worked on the acquisition and integration of the firm Les Abeilles by Econocom Group, Samira Draoua was appointed President in November 2020.

    In her different jobs, Samira Draoua is especially active in issues regarding the circular economy, the responsible digital transition and decarbonisation.

    She is a graduate of Arts et Métiers, Paris Dauphine University and INSEAD business school.

Internal rules (french)
  • Jean-Louis Bouchard

    representative of Econocom International BV
    Executive director

  • Robert Bouchard

    Non-executive director

  • Laurent Roudil

    Executive director

  • Véronique di Benedetto

    Non-executive director

  • Bruno Grossi

    Non-Executive director

  • Jean-Philippe Roesch

    Non-executive director

  • Adeline Challon-Kemoun

    Independent director

  • Marie-Christine Levet

    Independent director

  • Eric Boustouller

    Independent director

Internal rules (french)
Composition of the Audit Committee

Jean-Philippe Roesch – Chairman
Gaspard Dürrleman
Marie-Christine Levet

Internal rules (french)
Composition of the Compensation and Nomination Committee

Marie-Christine Levet - Chairman
Robert Bouchard
Adeline Challon-Kemoun

Internal rules (french)

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