digital learning

The challenges of digital learning institutes 

Innovation in education is a constant concern for institutions with regard to teaching youngsters at primary and secondary levels, in higher education and in the working world. With digital tablets and laptops brought into learning processes, teaching methods can be renewed continuously and extensively.

Digital technology is an opportunity

Because it helps you learn in a new way to adapt to tomorrow’s world.

Digital technology is a challenge

With what aim?
To prepare people for digital life and tomorrow’s jobs.

Digital technology fosters fairness

Through simplified monitoring of learners, their progress and their life at school. 

Econocom, a key player
in the education sector

Our digital solutions in education provide turnkey resources for school managers and teachers, from primary schools to higher education. 

Our solutions in education and learning 

Strong partnerships

At the heart of the educational ecosystem, Econocom has forged strong partnerships with suppliers of multi-environment technologies, with publishers of academic handbooks and teaching resources, as well as with trainers and teachers who are experts in digital technology. Our expertise covers three working environments in the educational ecosystem that are needed for your digital learning plans to be implemented properly: Apple, Google–Android, Microsoft.

Our Google solutions (FR)Our Apple solutions (FR)Our Microsoft solutions (FR)

A dedicated education team

Understanding the needs and constraints of education professionals

Offering and developing a solution that integrates tailored teaching tools and technology

Defining and implementing the roll-out plan and supporting change

Successful integration

Teachers actively involved right from the start of the project

Governance of the ecosystem of partners needed for the project

Tailor-made training plan so teaching teams can be upskilled gradually

Let’s pursue your digital plan
step by step 

The implementation of a digital learning project depends on each institution. 
And that’s why Econocom supports you at every stage of your project.

Analysis of your needs and expectations

  • Teaching 
  • Technology
  • Technical matters
  • Budget

Support for teaching staff

  • Uses presented by a teacher-trainer
  • Set-up of a project team including both Econocom and the learning institute with all stakeholders involved
  • Teaching needs defined
  • Advice on content by level and subject

Solution development

  • Recommendations for equipment and technological solutions
  • Choice of security and control tools
  • Audit of infrastructure and compliance upgrade (Wi-Fi, network, servers)
  • Coordination of specialised technology partners
  • Teaching and technical support
  • Service level (installation, after-sales service, technical assistance)
  • Budget confirmation

Equipment and roll-out

  • Definition of the implementation schedule
  • Customisation and distribution
  • Provision of ready-to-use digital equipment
  • Installation, training and support
  • Training of teachers 


Day-to-day project management

  • Insurance and maintenance services (repair centre, software and hardware support, telephone assistance, on-site operations, IT monitoring, etc.)
  • Infrastructure training for technical teams
  • Regular steering committee meetings
  • Technology intelligence (digital content and equipment)
  • Support assistance and change management (financing, scope of estate, software licences, etc.)
  • Reuse and recycling of digital equipment
One digital company