your space
for financing sales

Channel: The finance leasing solution
tailored to our partners to optimise their cash flow,
boost their sales and speed up their growth

Why finance your sales?

Reach new clients 

An innovative, made-to-measure offering tailored to your clients to meet their technical and financial challenges.
Improved project ROI.

Optimise your cash flow

Payment for all equipment installed as soon as the contract begins.
Payment of instalments.
Shortening of payment periods.

Speed up sales

Leasing as a financial driver for easier decision-making.
Diversification of financing sources.
Support from financial experts

Secure your orders

A dedicated administrative team.
A tried-and-tested, mechanised process.
A digitalised procedure.

Improve your sales strategy

A dedicated partner-manager for reporting, tracking and contracting.
Foreseeing renewals, add-ons and upgrades

Financing sales:
our offering in detail
End-to-end support

Prequalifying the project

We study the operation’s feasibility from a financial point of view as soon as we’ve read the specifications.

Co-building the solution

Together, we define the contractual terms and operational constraints of the project.

Analysing the risks and optimising the financial conditions

We turn to our financial partners to get the best financing conditions.

Drawing up the contractual documentation

We adjust our legal conditions to our clients’ requirements if need be.

Sales support

Our financial experts support you in meetings throughout the sales process, notably at the level of financial divisions and senior management.

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Finance your projects

360° financing
Technological, industrial and energy financing

Sale and Leaseback
For immediate cash flow

Optimise the lifecycle

Lifecycle management
Managing and coordinating assets

A platform for reselling assets to employees 

Collecting, recycling and reusing assets

Reduce your environmental footprint

Green & Energy
Optimising and financing the energy transition

Measuring, reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint

Manage your environmental performance

Refurbished equipment leased

One digital company