A platform for reselling
assets to employees 

EcoTwice: The solution for giving your equipment
a new lease of life while increasing user satisfaction

And what do you do with equipment
at the end of its financial lease?

Ecoshop : The solution for giving your employees the chance to buy their own work equipment


the satisfaction of your employees


an innovative, environmentally friendly approach

free yourself

from administrative tasks in the end-of-life phase of equipment


your employees’ awareness of upkeep of equipment in good condition 

Simplified implementation
for higher satisfaction among users


Set the price for selling equipment to employees

Pass on

Pass on information about the equipment concerned to set up the
secure, dedicated e-commerce space


Inform your employees so that they connect to the online shop


Easily track the employee buyback campaign

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Sale and Leaseback
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Optimise the lifecycle

Lifecycle management
Managing and coordinating assets

Collecting, recycling and reusing assets

Reduce your environmental footprint

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Manage your environmental performance

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