Lifecycle management

Managing and coordinating assets

The estate management solution for fluidifying everyday coordination and speeding up decision-making.

How can you manage the life cycle of your products efficiently with accurate control of costs? 

The interactive portal is an estate management tool that helps coordinate the entire life cycle of your products and helps process flows in administration, finance and operations.


Tracking and contract management of your estate over the products’ entire life cycle   


Familiarisation made easier through a unique user experience


Personalised reports produced to make decision-making easier and speedier

The interactive portal optimises estate management by meeting your challenges

pooling of data

  • Reduced complexity in obtaining data
  • No loss of information
  • Decision-making made easier

mechanising your processes

  • Automation of tasks with little added value
  • Productivity gains
  • Rate of manual mistakes reduced

supporting teams

  • Introducing best practices 
  • Focussing on the core business
  • Upskilling and greater flexibility


  • Estate of assets visually displayed
  • Contracts managed
  • Orders taken and tracked
  • Personalised product catalogue shared
  • Validation workflow introduced
  • Validation of installation reports
  • Allocation of resources to users and tracking of movements
  • Declaration of accidents
  • Management of use alerts 
  • Management of returns and renewal of resources
  • Management of profiles 
  • Analytical breakdown of costs per resource and cost centres

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