your workplace

(without neglecting your users)

How can you adapt by offering a simple, fluid, well-thought-out workplace without higher costs? 

Our solutions
for your users

Providing employees with an optimal working environment, on site or remotely 

and teamwork

Solutions designed so that your users can create, share and communicate with their colleagues, clients and partners.

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user support

A new kind of support where the experience of your users is enhanced through artificial intelligence.

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Local services

Local services are evolving through new uses and technology (kiosks, smart lockers, zero-touch systems, etc.).

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Our solutions for
modernising workstations

Solutions meeting your users’ needs without compromising on performance, security and resilience

Unified management of workstations

There are many reasons to rethink your workstation strategy (PC and mobile, physical and virtual), from user expectations to savings and streamlining. We support you in this transformation with solid expertise and market-leader solutions.

Office and applications virtualisation

With Windows Virtual Desktop, we have developed an offering that immediately meets needs in virtualisation. Whether for an occasional need in a crisis, for an extra feature in your modernisation process or for a long-lasting use case, this solution combines rapid roll-out with top financial performance.

Zero trust security

We support you in changes to your security strategy to cover contexts that are ever more varied, with solutions for the whole surface exposed, from identity, workstations and mobile devices to data and applications.

Our products
for your users 

Implement projects easily, with support from experts at every stage

for the workplace

Workstations, smartphones, tablets, licences, printers, audiovisual equipment, meeting rooms. 


With a simple, powerful portal, your users find all they are familiar with in B2C operations (history, tracking, etc.).

Modern, comprehensive services in lifecycle management

Advice, supply, preparation, logistics, after-sales service, recycling – in traditional or modern (zero touch) mode.

Our workplace
coordination solutions  

Solutions tailored to today’s technological and environmental challenges

Our efficient business models

Leave behind per-service invoicing and enjoy better foresight thanks to our service flat rates per product or user

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