Let’s build tomorrow’s solidarity in digital technology

Econocom is committed to digital education in schools to combat the digital divide and to promote digital accessibility. 

The French government has decided to promote digital technology in schools to eliminate France's lag in this area. 

Econocom wants to play a part in this movement by offering schools solutions which are tailored to the needs of pupils, teachers, parents and public authorities.

Through its commitment to education, Econocom's aim is to help transform training and to encourage students to enjoy learning. The challenge is also to promote new teaching practices and assist in parental involvement in their children's schooling. Econocom's investment in education is exemplified by several actions:

  • The development of more specific offers for Education, including personalised and green components which are particularly well-suited to the many educational projects in France and abroad. In 2023, more than 173,000 hardware units were sold to the education sector (primary and secondary schools) in France.
  • Éducapital: Econocom was the first company to invest in Éducapital, the first European venture capital fund dedicated to education and vocational training, with the aim of supporting young innovative companies with the ambition of reinventing education. Éducapital has invested in more than thirty innovative European EdTech companies since its creation. 
  • Econocom is a member of Impact AI. Impact IA is a think tank and action group comprised of a range of players involved in artificial intelligence, with the aim of supporting innovative and positive projects for tomorrow's world, with an emphasis on education.


In 2023, employees took part in the creation of a training and awareness-raising module on gender bias. The aim of the module is to support educational establishments (engineering schools, business schools, etc.) in their efforts to raise awareness of gender bias issues in AI models.

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