the circular

Econocom actively meets the challenges
of the circular economy.

Circularity is in Econocom’s genes. The firm’s first line of work was the sale of second-hand IT hardware!

Now we’re supporting our clients by making their purchases in digital technology part of the circular economy in our fields of expertise. From the eco-design of digital platforms and extended use of digital equipment to reusing and collecting products in their end-of-life phase, find out about our solutions for ever more responsible digital technology.

equipment lifespan 

Our solutions for fighting obsolescence 

Extending operational duration

Subscribing to a maintenance service means committing to environmentally friendly management of IT equipment to reduce your ecological footprint in digital technology. At Econocom, we offer a service centre dedicated to Product Care for repairing and maintaining mobile devices. 

Employee buyback

Through the online store Buy Your Own Device, employees can buy equipment used for work at very attractive prices (smartphone, tablet or laptop). This solution gives a second life to mobile devices.

End-of-life buyback or reconditioning by associations in the social and solidarity economy

Econocom buys equipment in its end-of-life phase to recycle or recondition it.  For over ten years, Econocom has been subcontracting most of its reconditioning to associations in the social and solidarity economy.
This year, Econocom is offering its clients the chance to join the 'Connexion Responsable’ initiative to fight digital exclusion. For each client who gives ten laptops to recondition, Econocom donates an extra laptop. Once these products are reconditioned, they are given to associations tackling the digital divide.

Leasing in support of the product-service economy

Through its TMF business line (Technology Management and Financing), Econocom offers a pay-per-use model tailored to the needs of clients and employees that extends the duration of equipment use.

Responsible cloud computing

‘Move to the Cloud’ infrastructure solutions are designed by Econocom experts trained in responsible cloud computing. FinOps practices help reach the right architecture and therefore the best control of the cloud’s environmental footprint.

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