Studies: weak signals, strong currents

What we learn...

  • Worldwide, the Canalys study, published annually on the basis of over 6,000 responses from business leaders, provides a global understanding of their expectations. It shows that sustainable and responsible service offerings are essential in the eyes of business leaders, taking environmental regulations, energy crises and user demands into account. 

    This is why their monitoring of non-financial KPIs includes changes in Scope 3 (see an explanation of the Scopes here). The expected benefits are considerable, with over 50% of European companies rating their ESG-related revenues as positive. 
    The collection and recycling, repair, refurbishing and resale of digital products are at the top of the list of expectations, but the compilation and analysis of data relating to the sustainability of products are seen as strategic issues.

  • Each year Numeum publishes a survey to which several hundred CIOs in France respond.
    Responsibility is no longer optional: virtually all calls for tender in the digital domain require suppliers to demonstrate their virtuous actions.
80 %

of digital companies implement energy-saving measures

92 %

of IT Departments perform calls for tender with the obligation to demonstrate responsible actions for their suppliers, compared with 66% in 2020)

76 %

of digital companies respond to at least one call for tenders that includes CSR criteria.

87 %

of digital companies plan to step up their digital responsibility initiatives in 2023

  • Most companies have made commitments to decarbonise.
  • Responsible digital projects are mainly focused on green IT (e.g. eco-design of software and IT services), accounting for 42%.
  • IT for green - the use of IT to improve the environmental, social and economic impact of a product or service - accounts for 24% of impact projects.

Demand for responsible digital technology is growing rapidly: 46% of CIOs have IT projects which support their company's 'business' CSR challenges.

Actions for responsible digital practices

Easi : Econocom as a service for impact

One’s perspective...

Véronique Torner

Numeum's President

Embracing Digital for Impactful Trajectories

"Digital technology has sparked significant disruptions, yet it's also an essential lever for navigating ongoing and future transitions. Engaging with digital means involving our members and the digital ecosystem in trajectories of positive impact, not only economically but also socially, societally, and environmentally."

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Second-hand becomes first choice

In 2022, ahead of schedule we commissioned a survey from the IFOP to understand the motivations of people who buy refurbished phones. 

64 %

of French people have bought or intend to buy a refurbished phone

31 %

of French people have bought or intend to buy a refurbished computer

The first motivation is the price, which is more affordable than a new product.
The second is the guarantee offered, and the third is the environmental factor.

66 %

of respondents would like to be able to keep it for up to 5 years.

62 %

of French people aged 18 to 65 have already sold or are considering selling one or more unused phones for refurbishment.

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