Working intelligently

Know your potential

We believe that each individual should feel part of a flexible framework which allows them to develop their talents and the values of the company.

Employees benefit from a personalised induction programme which enables them to gain a better understanding of the organisation, the teams and their day-to-day activities, with an induction seminar, the "Welcome Day" during which they learn about the corporate culture, the organisation and the various business lines of the Econocom Group. 

Lifelong learning

In 2022, more than 94,245 hours of training in both soft and hard skills were provided, including 49,506 in France. It's a key factor in success and professional emancipation and a source of wealth for the Group. Our interest in ethics will continue unabated in 2023, with 68% of employees taking part in the specific skills acquisition programme. 

Work-life balance 

Permanent teleworking over 2 or 3 days a week has been facilitated by the deployment of collaborative tools and solid training for managers.
A short guide providing answers to the main questions has been published.

The teleworking rate will be 87% in 2023, which is 3x higher than in 2021.

Wellness at work

Health and well-being at work are some of the priorities. Econocom offers services to make everyday life easier, such as

  • a concierge service at certain sites, 
  • academic support 
  • sports coaching 
  • Preventive health initiatives, such as Pink October in the fight against breast cancer
  • and even connected canteens delivering fresh produce... 

Career development  

Econocom invests in its own resources and favours internal promotion by encouraging career development at every level of the company. 

All internal vacancies are accessible to all employees via a professional mobility website, and a Mobility Charter has been drawn up to encourage transfers between departments and activities.

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