A marker of our difference

Diversity is a source of pride

We are composed of almost 9,000 people of very different cultures, languages and ages. We live and work in a wide variety of countries and regions.

We've been working in the responsible economy from the outset: pioneers in refurbishment, forerunners in the fight against obsolescence, trailblazers in hardware availability and pay-as-you-go services: The diversity of successive challenges has enabled us to develop a solid corporate mission. What began as a rebellion against the established order of waste is now a success story driven by our teams in all their complementary roles and recognised by the market.

This diversity also translates into progress in gender equality in the workplace, with our gender equality index (France) rising significantly in 2023, from 86 to 94/100.

Our businesses are very diverse, as are our customers and their needs. For half a century we’ve been building a company where respect for difference is essential, cultivated and shared. Diversity is our daily reality and forms the basis of our resilience.

We’ve set up platforms for whistleblowers: no reports of discrimination (for whatever reason) were recorded in 2022 and 2023. That’s the same as previously.

Measure of excellence

Our ECOVADIS notation

With a score of 72/100, Econocom is one of the top 6% companies in terms of CSR out of a panel of over 6,000 companies assessed. 

We have improved by 2 points compared to 2023, thanks to actions targeted on “human resources” and “responsible procurement”. 

Our progress with Ecovadis

Ecovadis is recognised as the global standard for CSR assessments.

Thousands of companies have chosen it as their partner thanks to a performance-sharing platform, a universal evaluation form, comparative analyses and continuous improvement tools. 

Mapping the intrinsic risks of 1.6 million suppliers is a powerful and reliable tool. 

In synch with citizens

For the second year running we’ve been singled out in the French magazine Le Point 's ranking of responsible companies  based on studies carried out by the Statista institute. This is a source of great pride since this is a ranking of CSR performance which takes into account the public's expectations of corporate responsibility, as well as the quantitative results of extra-financial indicators.

As part of this study,

the CSR performance indicators and extra-financial annual reports of 2,000 companies with offices in France and at least 500 employees were examined in detail, alongside an independent online survey of a sample of 5,000 people.

Le Point published the final list of the 250 most responsible companies, and we’re among them!

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