Daring before others

Econocom was founded in the early 1970s, at the start of the electronics industry boom. Jean Louis Bouchard ended the systemic waste of resources by buying second-hand servers and reselling or renting them to companies at affordable prices. 

Econocom saw the birth of Microsoft, then Apple, and finally Google...who are still our partners. Many other digital companies who were famous in their day have disappeared. The web has emerged, and immersive, VR and AI are everywhere, along with smartphones. New ways of perceiving the world have emerged. 

Econocom's entire history has been built around a global awareness of the intrinsic fragility of our eco-system. 


First Earth Day

the symbol of recycling is adopted: the Möbius strip


First microcomputer

The Micral (France)

First HTW

electronic recycling “help through work” experience centres GESAT

First nature protection laws

in Belgium

Founding of Econocom

and first sales of second-hand computers


Apple launches the first Macintosh


Microsoft releases the first version of Windows


Second stock market

Econocom joins the second stock market in Brussels

Crédits : ITU Pictures Crédits : ITU Pictures

invention of the World Wide Web

Today 6 billion people are connected, using 10% of the energy consumed on Earth

Circular economy

Pearce & Turner's Economics of natural resources founded the concept

Invention of the search engine

(“Archie” à Mc Gill)

First IPCC report


First stock market

Econocom joins the first stock market in Brussels


First smartphone

since then, 10 billion smartphones have been manufactured (for 70kg of materials extracted per phone)


Econocom: 1 billion turnover

and 2,000 employees


First pandemic of the century

Start of the Euro

The euro becomes the common currency of the European Union


Inclusion in the Tech 40 index

a benchmark for European IT stocks. Econocom becomes a European Company (SE)

Paris Climate Agreements

Credits : Monteregina (Nicole) Credits : Monteregina (Nicole)

Econocom Launches its first Green offers

including one to measure the carbon footprint of digital content.

400 mark

The global average of ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere exceeds the reference value


Econocom becomes an industrial player

in refurbishing with the acquisition of Econocom Factory


Europe is the best recycler, with over 50% recycling

Launch of the One Econocom 2024-2028

strategic plan focused on responsible digital and the circular economy


The revenues of the circular economy

By this date, the Davos Forum estimates that the revenues will have reached 4,500 billion dollars

Boldness Responsiveness Decarbonation
One digital company