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Véronique di Benedetto,
Econocom Vice-President in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility

I am pleased and proud to present our new Impact 2023 media.
Impact is in the plural because our many actions all have a tangible, measured and recognised result. This can be a reduction in CO2 emissions, the growth of our actions to promote the circular economy, or professional integration.

"Econocom Impact" is a platform which brings together our achievements: beyond the statistics, data and favourable rankings, it’s the feedback from our customers, partners and employees which provides the most convincing evidence of our commitment, our usefulness and the accuracy of our values.

You can't achieve long-term impact without a dash of audacity... You always need to be one step ahead.

You can follow the "Impacts" series, which features new interviews and podcasts regularly. Focus areas are included in order to stimulate reflection, covering the methodology of impact labels, the process of monitoring our performance, and the scopes used to calculate our CO2 emissions. You'll also find summaries of surveys and market analyses.

Proof is the corollary of the announcement. Speaking without acting is bad faith.

Our customers demand agility, transparency and respect for budgetary constraints In this accelerated transition to a sustainable world. The word “Econocom” contains the concept “economy,” which just goes to show how deeply this principle is anchored in our DNA. 

Our commitment is to offer services and products at as fair a price as possible. Based on our experience, we believe that frugality is  a virtue rather than a vice, and that refurbishing and recycling are virtuous necessities.

Good faith means being consistent over the long term - and mobilising your teams.

The commitment of all the Group's teams to the objectives which we have defined strengthens our ability to make a greater contribution to a more responsible society. This collective desire drives the lasting and significant effect on the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions. However, our impact becomes most decisive by paying particular attention to others...especially those who need it most. This is also what gives our company its strength.
Thank you for sharing our vision, our actions and our ambitions.

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