Jean-Louis Bouchard
CEO and Chairman


The notion of responsibility takes on vital importance in a world where the actions of every company have repercussions far beyond their own sphere.
We recognise that our impact goes beyond the products and services we offer. That’s why we’ve made responsibility the cornerstone of our strategy, decisions and corporate culture for 50 years.

We’re helping to build a desirable future, with common sense, utility and accessibility at the heart of our approach. 

As responsible digital entrepreneurs, our responsibility is not limited to complying with the standards and regulations in force. It's a commitment to the revolution for a useful, fair and sustainable economy based on Tech, for the benefit of as many people as possible. 

We comprise 9,000 employees with a common goal, and we serve more than 2 million users. We have ambitious objectives based on our essential values: 

audacity, good faith and responsiveness

These are the foundations of our economic results as well as our environmental and social performance.

Our impact is measured not just with regard to sales or market share, but also in terms of the positive contributions we make to society, the environment and the lives of each and every one of our employees. 

Every offering we develop and every initiative we launch is the fruit of in-depth reflection on its global impact, based on transparency and the scientific measurement of our performance. 

I’m very proud of the concrete steps we’ve taken to reduce our environmental footprint (and that of our customers).

What was an intuition 50 years ago has become a reality: the company must be responsible in its actions and effectively contribute to the common good.However, our journey towards greater responsibility is never-ending.

We’re committed to pursuing our mission with perseverance. We encourage each and every one of us to make this vision of responsibility part of our daily lives, because together we’ll shape our impact and leave a positive legacy.

Together, let's continue to be the architects of our responsible future, demonstrating that success must be both economic and social. 

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