Strategic and responsible

Deployment of the "One Econocom" 2028 strategic plan

"One Econocom," our strategic plan launched in November 2023 (press release), will guide our path and our actions for the next five years. 

It’s built around the fundamental principles of unity, cohesion and collective growth and it sets out the measure of our financial and non-financial ambitions. 

These ambitions linked in particular to the agility, usefulness and circularity of our offerings, with circularity as a historical and intrinsic principle of our business model. 

We listen to the weak signals to determine the strong currents, and we react with agility and determination, offering new products tailored to real needs.

Growth isn’t just a quest for financial success. It’s also the mark of constant innovation and adaptability to the changes and new needs of our customers, who with the popularisation of teleworking are increasingly oriented towards “as a service” solutions with complex architectures and a strong environmental and societal concern. 

Our vision as Responsible Digital Entrepreneurs


Strengthening sustainable digital models

Commitments for 2028:

  • Refurbishing and recycling: Econocom forecasts an increase from 0.5M to 1.5M refurbished and recycled assets.
  • Life extension and maintenance: through its ProductCare offering, Econocom forecasts an increase from 0.9M to 1.5M assets maintained.

1.5M refurbished assets

vs 2023

1.5M maintained assets serviced in our repair centers

vs 2023


Contributing to a positive impact

Commitments for 2028:

  • Reach the top 1% by obtaining Ecovadis Platinum certification
  • continue efforts on our SBTi action plan by reducing our carbon footprint by 60% on scopes 1 and 2 (reference year 2018) and working with our partners on scope 3
-60 %

carbon footprint (scopes 1&2)

vs 2018
85 %

purchases from SBTI-approved suppliers (scope 3)

vs 2023


Committed to being a benchmark employer

Commitments for 2028 :

  • Comply with international human resources certifications
  • Continue to improve the gender equality index beyond 90/100 for the Group
  • An inclusive social model, working with Mission Handicap on the employment of disabled employees
> 90 /100

Gender equality index

vs 2023

number of people with disabilities

vs 2023
Digital responsibility circular economy
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