Cybersecurity information: update of August 31 (1 pm) Start of the incident resolution phase

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published on 08/31/2023

Econocom has been the target of a cybersecurity attack since Sunday  August 20. As a reminder, two simultaneous attacks were carried out: one against our service provider (the one discovered on  August 20), the other against the Group (identified on  August 25). To date, no connection between these two attacks has been found.


Documents entrusted to our service provider have been exfiltrated by the attackers, and the limited consequences of this incident have been managed in close collaboration with our concerned customers. Furthermore, in the light of all the analyses carried out, we confirm that no internal Econocom systems or data have been compromised by this second attack.


No new elements have been brought to light by the latest investigations. The full diagnosis of these attacks is now complete. The resolution phase of this incident can therefore start, and its final closure should be confirmed early next week.

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