Account Director

What does your job involve?

I’m what they call a hunter. In concrete terms, I approach mid-sized firms in the region to put forward offerings for financing their projects in digital, industrial and energy transformation. I’m in contact with managing directors, as well as finance and IT directors. To convince them, you have to be aware of their company’s challenges. The time it takes to convert the proposal into a sale can be a while: six months, one year, 18 months. But I never give up: I always find a way to remind firms about the offering, whatever channel of communication I use, whether e-mail, LinkedIn, my personal network or telephone. And it always ends up getting results! 

What spurs you on each day?

It’s really exciting talking with managing directors and putting forward proposals that meet clients’ financial and business line challenges. I work in equal measure on solutions for reducing energy bills, financing industrial machines and leasing for IT equipment. In short, I’m always learning and that’s what I like about the job. I also like the team spirit and the sales approach. Working in tandem with presales for producing ad hoc solutions or partnering with the legal department are all aspects of my job that bring me pleasure daily. 

Would you advise a friend to apply for a job at Econocom? 

The activities are varied, ranging from IT and robotics to green computing and connected objects. There’s the effervescent, visionary feel of a start-up combined with the strength of a well-structured company. And for those with international leanings – which is my case, as I speak English, Spanish and Italian – there are career opportunities abroad. So yes, of course, I’d recommend Econocom, even more so for those with a sales disposition. Econocom is a results-oriented company where you can make a very good living. 

Could you tell us a little anecdote to illustrate your work at Econocom? 

When I clinched my first major deal, I got a personal e-mail from my manager’s boss, from the boss of my manager’s boss and even from a board member. I really appreciated being recognised in my work in that way. And that motivated me even more. 

‘I come from a web marketing background. So on the face of it, I’m not a sales engineer. But Econocom put its faith in me and gave me every chance to succeed.’

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