Multimedia Sales Specialist

What is a Multimedia Sales Specialist? What does your job involve?

A Sales Specialist supports salespeople in their respective areas of expertise for sales to current and potential clients. They help the salesforce ahead of the sales cycle by contributing to meetings to define the needs of current and potential clients and by developing sales proposals in oral presentations. They follow up on deals signed, ensure client satisfaction and support key accounts with the aim of increasing business opportunities in their areas of expertise. The Sales Specialist makes sure all the products and solutions offered as part of a digital project work properly and meet the needs of users. In concrete terms, I work in Econocom’s Products and Solutions business line, but I operate in a wide variety of fields. For example, I introduce dynamic display screens into shop networks, I equip digital learning institutes, I install videoconferencing systems in rooms, and I set up the #digitalworkplace in firms. So my playing field is large!

What spurs you on each day?

I’m both a technician and a salesman with a curious side! At Econocom, my rigorous side finds full expression. I oversee projects in advance and I identify all the necessary prerequisites so I can pass on to Econocom’s Services teams all the points they’ll need to implement projects in accordance with professional standards. And my curious nature can flourish too. I have to be creative. I have to understand trends and track them closely. And I have to put together the right resources to offer the best solutions. If need be, I can count on a great network of complementary experts, both in-house and externally, including Econocom’s wholesalers, suppliers and partners. I’m often able to lead clients towards products and solutions they’d never even thought of.  

Would you advise a friend to apply for a job at Econocom?

Yes, especially those who are passionate about technology and innovative solutions, and who don’t like getting bored at work! I’ve always flourished at Econocom. The scope of possibilities is boundless. You see many fields and lines of work. That makes us more flexible, inventive and strong in the face of the competition. At the same time, our group is solid. In short, Econocom combines the advantages of a small firm – especially in its freedom and wealth of informal contacts – with the bedrock of a large group.

Could you tell us a little anecdote to illustrate your work at Econocom?

My work often spills beyond the original scope of my job. For example, I can find myself working on cases where there’s no financing planned, so I recommend leasing and as-a-service solutions as drivers, backing the Econocom group’s comprehensive approach. On the face of it, that’s beyond my main duty. Yet I can do this (and it’s even encouraged) at Econocom.

In my job, I’ve got to be attentive and inventive in my approach to clients, but hard-nosed and thorough in procedures. I like this mix of rigour and creativity.’

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