A project to replace the cooling units of an industrial player in the food-processing sector

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published on 03/19/2021

Client context

Our client had an urgent need to replace their R-22 cooling units with systems that use a long-lasting refrigerant that respects the F-Gas regulation.

Of course, beyond the legal aspects of these changes, the project would help optimise operational and maintenance costs and reduce the client’s carbon footprint.

Support from Econocom

Econocom Green IT & Energy played an advisory role, offering to install a new CO2-negative cooling system.

Our teams also offered to replace: 

The evaporators of the two freezing cold rooms

The unit producing the glycol-water solution, running on R-22, with an outdoor mono-unit system running on CO2

A centralised technical management system was finally installed too, partly financed by Energy Savings Certificates.

Key figures


of the project financed by Energy Savings Certificates

100 %

Installation fully compliant with the F-Gas regulation

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