A project to reduce loss of waste heat by recovering energy for preheating new air at the site of an automotive industrial player

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published on 03/19/2021 - 11:27

Client context

This client wanted to install a system for recovering waste heat on a cooling tower to reduce its energy consumption by decreasing consumption for heating its premises.

A simple measuring and control system needed to be installed on the make-up air units.
Lastly, to ensure the air was free of particulates and to protect the batteries from clogging up, our client wanted to install a filtering system.

Support from Econocom

Econocom Green IT & Energy was able to meet the client’s different needs by calculating the sizes of an installation based on four plate heat exchangers. The accumulated thermal power was 10MW.

Beyond its technical support, Econocom Green IT & Energy was able to use the Energy Savings Certificates involved to finance the project as much as possible.

Key figures

8,900 MWh/year

of consumption reduction, or €160,000/year


Project entirely financed by Energy Savings Certificates

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