Multi-country roll-out of an estate of 60,000 smartphones

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published on 03/20/2021

Client context

Our client, an international leader in aviation, was used to acquisition but was interested in leasing. They wanted to roll out an estate of 60,000 smartphones in several countries.

Support from Econocom

Econocom set up a strong system of governance to coordinate the service over the entire geographical scope. The client was offered an integrated solution including the product, related services and end-of-use management based on a licence fee. To coordinate the estate over several countries, Econocom offered the client a tool for managing the assets, ensuring traceability and financial and operational management of the 60,000-product estate.

An online platform was also launched to help resell end-of-use products to employees.

Econocom’s support helped the client manage the life cycle of their mobile estate end-to-end and standardise the estate with a regular renewal policy applied in all the countries.

Through the online platform, the client improved employee satisfaction with a fluid experience.

Key figures


leased products



200 sites

managed under 1 contract

One digital company