A European project to renovate the lighting of a chain of decoration shops

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published on 05/03/2021

Client context

In 2016, in its first CSR plan, the group pledged to reduce its energy intensity by 25% and its carbon footprint by 40% by 2020.

Because the share of lighting in the shop network’s energy intensity was the biggest source of energy consumption, the group’s management asked Econocom to study what the environmental and energy effect would be of widespread renovation of the lighting in its European shops.

The client wanted a comprehensive solution by outsourcing all governance of the project so the work teams could focus on opening new shops.

Support from Econocom

Econocom Green&Energy rolled out a turnkey solution integrating all costs in the project:

  • Recommendation of lights
  • Design of installation layout plans in line with the client’s merchandising concept
  • Installation of the lights and maintenance of the solution
  • Energy monitoring and management

The solution was self-financed by energy savings made from the new fittings and everything had a positive effect on the client’s EBITDA.

Key figures


shops renovated

70 K




44 %

energy savings

One digital company