Econocom wins Thales’s Best Supplier 2022 award in innovation category

published on 04/06/2022 - 10:50

Econocom, Europe’s first digital general contractor, has announced it won the Best Supplier 2022 award in the innovation category at the Thales Global Supplier Conference on 29 March 2022. This award recognises the capacity for innovation that Econocom’s team in managed services demonstrated in meeting Thales’s challenges.


At the ceremony, Thales underlined the ‘true innovative transformation of the delivery model’ that Econocom’s team in managed services offered.


Laurent Roudil, Econocom’s CEO, was thrilled and he commented, ‘We’re delighted to receive this innovation award from Thales, a loyal first-rate client of our group. We’re proud that this prize rewards not just our managed services team’s capacity for technological innovation but also its capacity for innovation in working methods: its method is based on collaborative work in integrated mode alongside Thales’s teams and on end-to-end project management. The award honours the work of Long Le Xuan, Managing Director of our managed services business line, and the three hundred employees involved in the project.’ 

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