Econocom makes audio-visual its fourth independent business line

published on 05/30/2023 - 15:16

Econocom Group, a leading European digital general contractor (DGC), is excited to announce the important growth of its audio-visual business. In order to enhance the global capacities, the company built this business as a strategic activity.

The Group’s business model has long been built on three complementary strategic activities; Financing, Products & Solutions and Services. “Due to the important growth of audio-visual business, Econocom is well-positioned to take the leading position in this growing future-proof industry throughout Europe” said Jean-Louis Bouchard, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The group's audio-visual capabilities are deployed in the following companies: Exaprobe, expert in Smart Office technologies (audio-visual, digitalisation of workspaces, unified communications), network infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions; BIS|Econocom, expert in audio-visual, unified communications and digital signage solutions and services. On top of this, the Group also has impressive audio-visual expertise within its Products & Solutions business line especially in France, Spain and Italy. This AV activity already represented in 2022 a €350 M in annual revenue for Econocom.

Jean Pierre Overbeek continued, “Many multinationals are seeking cross-border solutions following requests for standardisation and user-friendliness for the growing number of assets. This new activity is a testimony of our commitment to providing clients with the best possible integrated solutions and services.”

The companies will leverage their expertise to offer clients efficient unified communications (UC), networking, cyber security, and audio-visual solutions and services. This collaboration will enable clients to benefit from a combined product portfolio and growth of knowledge. On top of this Econocom adds a global reach, lifecycle and fleet-management services for these assets.

The audio-visual activity will be led by Jean Pierre Overbeek, CEO of BIS|Econocom, with

strong support from Jean-Pierre Chamillard, Managing Director of Exaprobe. Together, they will drive the company's success and take a forefront position in this promising industry.

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