Econocom launches ‘Impact’: a digital media outlet that showcases the group’s CSR commitments

published on 03/25/2024 - 15:36

Paris, 25 March 2024 - Econocom, a pioneer in the circular economy for digital technology, has reached a milestone in its CSR actions by launching ‘Impact’, a digital media outlet that presents the group’s roadmap and commitments in CSR (corporate social responsibility). This initiative is part of the group's ‘One Econocom’ strategic plan that makes impact central to its vision.

This digital media outlet highlights the group’s achievements and indicators in corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is in tune with the growing importance of non-financial indicators and the EU’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Yet the purpose of this media outlet is not to just be a showcase. It offers a special space for sharing experiences, in-depth discussions and views on the sector’s challenges. Indeed, ‘Impact’ stands out for its educative and informative dimension: it actively raises awareness and understanding of today’s social challenges.

‘Impact’ provides a varied range of formats for its content, including infographics, podcasts, videos and articles, to underline the group’s CSR commitments in a concrete way. Markers for these commitments include a Gender Equality Index score of 94 points in France and an EcoVadis rating of 70/100, awarded with a gold medal. Moreover, Econocom is ranked 753rd among Europe’s diversity leaders. And the group’s energy consumption from its internal IT is now three and a half times lower than it was in 2017. Lastly, as a pioneer in the circular economy, Econocom refurbished 493,000 digital devices in 2023 and extended the lifespan of these devices by three to four years on average. 

The media outlet ‘Impact’ has been online since Monday 25 March 2024. It is intended as much for Econocom’s employees, to share the group’s initiatives with them, as for Econocom’s external stakeholders (partners, suppliers, clients, etc.).

Jean-Louis Bouchard, Chairman and Managing Director of the Econocom group, said: ‘Our impact is not just measured in revenue or market shares, but also in positive contributions to society, the environment and the lives of all our employees. The offers we develop and the initiatives we launch result from reflections on their overall impact, based on transparency and scientific measurement of our performance. I’m very proud to see the concrete actions we’ve taken to reduce our environmental footprint and that of our clients. So I’m especially pleased about the launch of our site Impact as a leading witness of our responsible commitments.’

Véronique di Benedetto, Vice-President of Econocom in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility, said: ‘Impact is a platform for learning, understanding and informing. Beyond favourable statistics, data and rankings, the most convincing token of our commitment is feedback from our ecosystem and employees – the most persuasive testimonials of our pledges and usefulness and of the relevance of our values.’

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