Econocom launches Econocloud: a trust-based cloud service

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published on 07/03/2018 - 12:24
  • A highly secure sovereign cloud service hosted in France
  • A next-generation cloud-management platform portal offering hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Puteaux, 3 July 2018 – Econocom has launched a new cloud solution produced by its entity, ASPSERVEUR, in France: Econocloud. The service externalises IT production into a highly secure zone. With Econocloud, French firms concerned about security, confidentiality and compliance can protect their intellectual and industrial assets from intrusions.

Against the backdrop of data protection in Europe, with GDPR, where the slightest piece of information about a firm can spark interest from external companies, or the CLOUD Act in America, it is vital to ensure a state’s economic protection. This protection can come through a service offered to companies wishing to use an ultra-sovereign cloud solution hosted in France by an entity governed by French law and regulations.

With this solution, the only one of its kind in France, companies can externalise their IT production with complete trust and with full compliance with French and European laws. Econocloud, with its sovereignty and exceptional level of compliance, makes IT outsourcing easier for companies with sensitive or confidential data, such as those having to set up procedures for GDPR, ISO 27001 or protection of France’s scientific and technical potential.

A versatile cloud platform

Econocloud is positioned as a true cloud-management platform, natively enabling hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. Through a single unified portal, all IT resources can be administered by integrating cost management, compliance and optimisation. And it is especially easy to migrate large public foreign clouds onto the Econocloud platform.

The portal complies with the latest Gartner recommendations: service catalogue, service modelling , allocation of resources and orchestration, policy management, automation, security, management of availability and events, optimisation, financial management, cloud brokering, hybridisation, etc.

With the platform, management can be centralised via connectors, provided by on-premises technology (VmWare, Hyper-V, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Nutanix, F5, Fortinet, Rubrik, etc.) and externalised solutions (AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud Platform, etc.). Financial optimisation and tracking can be enjoyed through reporting that is consolidated for all resources.

Security and compliance

For entities concerned by the most sensitive areas of specialisation, as part of measures relating to protection of France’s scientific and technical potential, Econocloud provides resources in cloud mode, storage and archives hosted in highly secure zones. Moreover, Econocloud offers a number of security options: cutting-edge firewall, micro-segmentation, anti-DDoS, logical partitioning, strong authentication, bunkered data centre, and more.

To ensure more than  99.999% availability, guaranteed by the service-level agreement, and perfect  data integrity, the service is hosted in France in Econocom’s Tier IV data centre , compliant with the EN 50600-2-2 standard, on hyper-converged platforms from Nutanix, with whom Econocom has begun a close partnership with ‘Premier Partner’ certification. Nutanix leads Gartner’s Magic Quadrant ranking for hyper-convergence.

Sébastien Enderlé, Econocloud Director, Econocom:

“Our solution offers an alternative to public cloud giants, protecting the technical and financial assets of French companies concerned about security, confidentiality and compliance. French firms can now rest assured that the integrity of their strategic data will remain intact in any context. After its launch in France, the service will soon be offered worldwide via our satellites (Spain and Luxembourg in 2018, then Belgium and Italy in 2019), and the technical infrastructures are already set up.”


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