The Econocom Group releases its second Impact report

published on 02/04/2023 - 13:39

The Econocom Group has just published its second impact report on its actions as a responsible digital entrepreneur.

As Econocom celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, our commitment has continued to grow over the years.

This report shows how we focus our actions on impact for a digital world that is useful to all. It also demonstrates the Group’s desire to measure, in a concrete and continuous way, the impact of its actions for responsible digital technology, in connection with its ecosystem.

Finally, beyond the figures, the report is rich in testimonies from committed personalities, experts, partners and employees, whom Econocom has invited to express themselves.

As a pioneer in the circular economy, Econocom is moving forward in a pragmatic way with a realistic vision in line with our activities. This is why every year we propose more and more offers with a positive impact, useful to all.

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