Econocom Group Launches Gather – Pioneering the Evolution of Audiovisual Excellence

published on 12/04/2023 - 11:35

Paris, 4 December 2023 — Econocom Group is delighted to introduce Gather, its new European brand designed to strengthen and expand its audiovisual, Unified Communications and Information Technology capabilities, throughout Europe and beyond. This new brand underlines Econocom's commitment to elevate its audiovisual, Unified Communications and Information Technology Solutions and Services in order to support their customers with excellent digital work, retail, travel and leisure spaces.


The launch of Gather is part of Econocom’s strategic plan that unfolds Econocom’s ambitions for the coming five years. Gather underlines Econocom’s commitment to redefine the audiovisual landscape, offering clients innovation, expertise, and a seamless convergence of services on a global scale; for every organization in every industry like multinationals, airports, retail chains, financial institutes, governments and stadiums.


Gather`s launch marks a significant milestone in Econocom's ongoing commitment to excellence and its determination to shape the future of audiovisual, Unified Communications and Information Technology solutions. The international coordination and representation of Gather will be done by Jean-Pierre Overbeek, currently the CEO of BIS|Econocom, who has an impressive track record of 25 years in the dynamic audiovisual & information technology industry.


Jean-Louis Bouchard, Founder and Chairman of the Econocom Group, said: “Historically, people have gathered in various ways. Today, as we stand at the intersection of innovation and connection, we are taking the essence of gathering to new digital heights. Drawing from the strengths of Econocom’s leading audiovisual, Unified Communications, and Information Technology entities across Europe, we are redefining the way in which people and businesses connect, collaborate, and create.


Our responsibility extends beyond mere business. With a strong commitment to sustainability, ethics and security, our vision is not just about technological advancement, but about human and societal progress. In this exciting journey we combine the core strengths of Econocom; our solutions for workplaces, infrastructure and workspaces are the perfect fit, complemented by our as-a-service possibilities and other financial services.”


The mission of Gather is to lead the way in the work, retail, travel and leisure space revolution by embracing a human-centric approach to technology, while recognizing its broader responsibility to the environment, society, and its clients.


As one of Europe's leading providers Gather creates intelligent audiovisual, Unified Communications and Information Technology solutions; from state-of-the-art collaboration spaces to smart digital signage, and from interactive hybrid office environments to highly secure Information Technology infrastructures; also available on an As-a-Service base, emphasizing use over possession. Enriched with smart services like interior design, fleet and life cycle management, proactive maintenance, creative services and financial engineering.

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