Econocom and Taktik join forces to accelerate the digitalisation of the healthcare sector in Europe

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published on 03/11/2019 - 17:27

By teaming up, the two companies plan to transform the European market by offering end-to-end solutions to all the players in the healthcare sector. Econocom brings its expertise in equipment, services and financing while Taktik, via its unique software platforms and cutting-edge technological expertise, will assist Econocom in developing the group’s healthcare business.

In 2020 the connected healthcare market is set to grow to more than $200 billion[1]. Gartner predicts that healthcare players will be looking to leverage digital technology to address next-generation healthcare challenges across the entire value chain: the patient journey, clinical and administrative workflows, and running and managing installations – all of which will require substantial investments.
Convinced that the digitalisation of healthcare is a key social issue, Econocom has invested in it for a number of years by offering solutions designed to provide better, more effective care thanks to electronic medical records and connected health solutions – all provided on a pay-per-use basis. In 2018, Econocom digitalised the Chirec hospital complex’s 39 operating rooms in Belgium, with a view to building a completely patient-oriented hospital of the future.

Already an Econocom partner, Taktik provides healthcare integration products and services all over Europe and the United States. The iCure Cloud platform, which will be used for future solutions, is a back-end service including a patient-centric solution for storing and sharing encrypted healthcare data. The platform ensures optimal interoperability for all healthcare players and is completely open and compliant with national and international legislation such as GDPR and HIPPA[2].

Julie Verlingue, Executive Director and International Managing Director for Econocom, said: “This combination of expertise will enable us to address all our clients’ needs by covering the complete patient journey. We have built a strong relationship of trust with our clients. By combining our legacy business (financing capabilities, product distribution and services) with Taktik’s expertise, we hope to accelerate the digitalisation of healthcare in Europe.”

Antonio Di Natale, CEO of Taktik, added: “We are delighted to deploy this international project with Econocom, which is the result of years of hard work from Taktik. Our platform, combined with Econocom’s pay-per-use model, will create a brand-new, disruptive business platform-type economic model that will revolutionise today’s world. The transformation of healthcare is a major social challenge, and now we can make digital projects happen for a number of players.”

This partnership aims to establish Econocom and Taktik as the European leaders in the digital transformation of healthcare, by expanding in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Poland as well as other markets in which both companies already operate.


TAKTIK was founded in 2003 and specialises in enterprise-level software for media asset management and the healthcare sector. The portfolio products Flowr ( and iCure Cloud ( offer clients completely-customisable solutions designed to simplify data management, security, and usability.

Headquartered in La Hulpe, Belgium, TAKTIK offers its services and products all over Europe and the United States


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[2] Acronyme anglais de Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, est une loi votée par le Congrès des États-Unis en 1996 et qui concerne la santé et l'assurance maladie.


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