Diversification of financing sources for a growing client with intensive capital expenditure

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published on 03/21/2021

Client context

The client is an automotive supplier. The group carried out two major external-growth operations. A syndicated loan was set up for this.

Their industrial facilities required major, recurring investments of around €20m per year. The firm’s finance division therefore challenged Econocom to offer finance leasing solutions for several million euros.

Support from Econocom

Econocom managed to syndicate several refinancers outside the client’s banking sources and was able to handle the client’s operational and financial constraints:

  • owith periods of implementation of up to 10 months
  • oby integrating management of instalments
  • oby mixing new business operations and leaseback

Thanks to Econocom’s support, the client was able to ensure that their industrial facilities were up-to-date in a highly competitive market. They were able to diversify their financing sources while respecting their syndication agreements in a market environment short of expectations.


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