Cybersecurity information: Confirmation of the incident resolution - September 6 (2 pm)

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published on 09/06/2023 - 14:02

Econocom confirms the definitive resolution of the cyber incident identified since August 20 and confirmed on Tuesday August 22 afternoon. The full diagnosis of these attacks has not brought new information and is now closed.


From the beginning of the incident, solid investigations and containment measures were undertaken. They were then managed continuously throughout this period by a team of experts under the aegis of a crisis unit. The Group has worked on a regular and transparent communication about these events.


Implementation of the identified improvements is still in progress. All lessons will continue to be learned from this incident, with the concerned stakeholders. Our global security programme will be further strengthened.


Econocom would like to thank its customers for their kindness and support during this episode, as well as the internal and external teams who, with professionalism and commitment, enabled this crisis to be brought to a successful conclusion.


The Group remains committed to supporting its customers in their current and future projects, with the same level of requirement in terms of responsiveness and service quality.

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