Marlène Taurines

Marlène Taurines

Managing Director, Refurbishment business line, Econocom
Impact report 2022/2023

What is the impact of your entity?

A social impact:

Since setting up SMAART, our refurbished phone brand, back in 2017, we have hired 82 people and established together with Pôle Emploi, (the French JobCentre) the SMAAART Academy. These internal training courses are based on a skills-based simulation recruitment method. This involves a voluntary approach to recruiting that does not require a CV, in order to promote a return to employment and to train people for the jobs of the future. To date, nearly 25,000 hours of training have been given, and 8 sessions taught since October 2017 and we started the 9th session on May 9 of this year with a batch of 16 new trainees.

At the end of these training courses, 86% of our employees get hired on fixed-term contracts, and by the end of 2021, they accounted for 26% of our workforce.

Within our workforce, we strongly encourage equal opportunities and practice equal pay for men and women. The Egapro 2021 Index (indicator of the pay gap between men and women), gave us a score of 40/40.

And an environmental one:

Since the creation of SMAAART, our reconditioned products purchased as replacement for new products have made it possible to save 20,113 tons of CO2, 63,763 tons of raw materials and 20,113 cubic meters of water.

Our company has naturally become a company with a mission in 2021.​​​​​​​

Does joining a European group make a difference?

Yes it does. The integration of a European group like Econocom is a growth accelerator for us.

First, this allows us to take advantage of a flow of used products from the rental returns of Econocom's TMF branch, to diversify into IT and to accelerate our growth in order to position ourselves as leaders in the rapidly expanding market for refurbished equipment.

Second, Econocom's clout and its readiness to become an effective part of the circular economy will give more heft to our efforts to raise awareness about the impact of digital technology.​​​​​​​

How do you manage career advancement for women?

As for men, both in terms of salary and advancement, this depends on their set of skills and commitment.

Also, staff members, whose position allows it, enjoy a certain degree of flexibility in their working hours and can work partially away from the office.​​​​​​​

What is a responsible company?

It is a company that is mindful of its values and its actions, both internally and externally, by societal and is concerned with environmental issues.

In other words, it is a company that defends the interests of local populations by creating jobs, that develops strategies to protect the environment and that raises awareness of these fundamental issues.​​​​​​​

What is your ambition for the circular economy?

To collect the 100 million phones tucked away in French drawers with innovative collection solutions and to educate individuals so that introducing a used phone into the second-life circuit becomes second nature for them.

To develop that model in all segments of the electronics industry and in other countries.

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