Ahmed Morjane

Ahmed Morjane

Managing Director of the Apps, Cloud & Data, Services France, Econocom
Impact report 2022/2023

How would you describe audacity and responsiveness within the company and more specifically in your job?

In an environment where everything is moving at digital speed, it is important to be bold enough to face these rapid changes in our ecosystem and to constantly reinvent ourselves to adapt and provide new answers. At Apps, Cloud and Data this permanent exercise takes shape on two levels:

  • At the level of the organization, which must regularly revisit its offerings, and even anticipate new ones, so as to meet customer needs and market requirements
  • At the level of individuals, who must follow crash courses on a regular basis.

In a nutshell, audacity means evolving by being responsive, impertinent and relevant amid an environment where the only constant is change itself.

What is the impact of your activity, more particularly, on the diversity of talent recruitment or the reduction of your carbon footprint?

Our biggest challenge is to attract and retain the talent we need to deliver our offerings. Against this backdrop, diversity and employee experience are key elements.

In our business, diversity is reflected in the extension of our recruitment pool to neighboring countries and the African continent, thus promoting a mix of cultures, and enrichment for all.

Diversity is also reflected in the profiles we recruit: young graduates, experts and applicants who have undergone professional retraining, to whom we offer a personalized employee experience geared to their specific needs (administrative support, assistance in finding accommodation, etc.). We are also open to collaborations with freelancers, whether French or international, to provide cutting-edge expertise to our customers.

What is a responsible company and what do your customers expect in terms of commitment?

A responsible company is one that works to improve its social and environmental impact way beyond its legal obligations. 

In our field of activity, this often translates into practices aimed at digital sobriety and allowing for a reasoned and sustainable use of digital technology.

This also involves on-boarding talent from all walks of life and putting in train measures to provide them with an optimal quality of life at work, regular learning, and professional fulfillment that meets their expectations, amid a multicultural and equitable environment.

Our clients, concerned about their environmental and societal impact, have the same requirements as we do and have asked us to benefit from our expertise (FinOps, eco-design of applications, etc.) to reduce their own environmental footprint.

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