#Connexion d’Urgence

Let’s build tomorrow’s solidarity in digital technology

Econocom acts alongside its clients and its partner associations Emmaüs Connect and Ateliers Sans Frontières to tackle the digital divide and help refugees reconnect. Ateliers Sans Frontières (ASF), an association that helps socially vulnerable people get into the world of work, refurbishes our collected laptops.

Then, Emmaüs Connect, a key player in the fight to stop people in precarious situations getting shut out from digital technology, redistributes these laptops. During the Covid crisis, Emmaüs Connect helped Econocom donate more than 500 laptops.

For several years, Econocom has been committed to furthering the cause of education. It has even made education a key pillar of its CSR strategy, through both its partnerships and patronage initiatives, helping tackle the digital divide and improve accessibility.

With this background, Econocom has supported the cooperative #ConnexiondUrgence by providing 500 reconditioned laptops in perfect condition, which were very quickly prepared by the charity Ateliers Sans Frontières (ASF) with an office software pack so they could then be distributed as part of the initiative.

Made up of the French charities Emmaüs Connect and Le Collectif Mentorat (Afev, Article 1, Chemins d'avenirs, ESA, Institut Télémaque, NQT, Proxité and Socrate) 

This is an ongoing crisis:
the need is still huge!

Lockdown also revealed sectors of the public whose exclusion from digital technology had previously gone unnoticed. Indeed, many youngsters have been impacted by the digital divide as they do not have the right equipment or internet connection, or have parents who lack digital resources themselves. Many families are ill-equipped, so struggle to support their child in online schooling.

In light of this observation and following a successful collective experience, the associations Emmaüs Connect and Ares have been joining forces to pursue these actions for solidarity in digital technology. The aim is to urgently connect those who are excluded from digital technology through the work of the cooperative Connexion Pour Tous. 

This will help provide society’s most vulnerable people with digital equipment (laptops, tablets and smartphones) at low prices.

Econocom would like to intensify the actions of Connexion Pour Tous and make sure they last by associating clients with them too in order to advance a future-oriented project and support a sustainable approach to help as many families and children as it can. 

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