[WHITE PAPER] Digitalised IT support: a cultural revolution

published on 06/04/2018 - 10:17

Transforming traditional IT support into a service for an organisation’s internal clients is one of the keys to updating the workplace.

For the IT department, this transformation has to fulfil three requirements.

  1. Cut costs thanks to automation, self-service and more collaborative tools;

  2. Create value for the company thanks to increased productivity from employees who are more independent, have an optimised experience and better control of their tools;

  3. Improve their image at a time when business lines and digital staff are getting increasingly involved in IT-related matters.

Econocom can help you through the transition to a new, user-centric, omni-channel digital support aligned with B2C standards and uses.

Read our white paper: the challenges of digitalised IT support, the expected benefits and insights from experts.

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