Econocom teams up with Partech Ventures to digitalise the former premises of Le Figaro to create the "Partech Shaker"

Econocom has teamed up with Partech Ventures to digitalise the Partech Shaker building, which, since 15 September, is the world’s first dedicated Open Innovation campus, in Paris. The purpose of this initiative is to create an innovative working environment for resident startups and make Partech Shaker a laboratory for digitalised buildings.

2,200m2 digitalised by Econocom for Open Innovation

The 2,200m2 space was designed and digitalised to provide a high-quality working environment and thus attract the best digital talents. As a partner of Partech Ventures, Econocom was actively involved in designing, financing and rolling out the solutions which have made the building a highly innovative workspace for the future champions of the digital world. Econocom provided equipment such as digital multimedia equipment, dynamic LED lighting, mobile apps for smart, interactive building management and signage systems, interactive kiosks showing a 3D display of the meeting room layout and a 360° video system on the roof, making the Partech Shaker a flagship among state-of-the-art digital buildings.

According to Romain Lavault, a partner at Partech Ventures:“Econocom assisted us throughout the whole process of digitalising the old Le Figaro building, which since 15 September has been occupied by the Partech Shaker resident startups. They helped us before the project was rolled out by giving us strategic advice on designing and financing, and then during implementation, rolling out the innovative solutions. Together we wanted to create a unique workspace that would give startups the stimulating environment they need to boost their growth.”

A “laboratory” to focus on research into uses of digitalised buildings

The Partech Shaker is also a “lab” for analysing the different uses of digitalised buildings: Partech Ventures and Econocom will use the campus to experiment with digital equipment and observe the impact it has in terms of comfort and use for the residents.
According to Bruno Grossi, Executive Director of Econocom Group: “Our aim was to establish a ‘dialogue’ between the building and the digital entrepreneurs who work there, and thus create a space that is conducive to their success. We are delighted to have contributed to designing the modern digital venue that the Partech Shaker is today.”