Econocom sets up a dedicated robotics division

Econocom has reached a new milestone in accelerating the digital transformation of businesses by creating Econobots, a new business unit entirely dedicated to service robotics.

IDC predicts that the robotics market will enjoy an annual growth rate exceeding 20% over the next few years, driven by technological developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud.

Used in sectors such manufacturing and e-commerce, robots offer a number of benefits. Autonomous and smart, they simplify and automate tasks whilst increasing reliability of execution. Other industries such as healthcare, logistics, food and transport are also adopting the technology.

It is for this reason that Econocom has set up a dedicated robotics division, called Econobots. David Lemaitre and Grégory Lebourdais will be joining Chockri Baaziz’ (founder and director of Econobots) teams. Both previously worked for EOS Innovation, a recognised specialist in the service robotics market which co-developed “Captain DC,” a robotised data centre maintenance and surveillance assistant, with Econocom in 2016.

 “By manufacturing and integrating our own robotics solutions in-house, we’ll be able to address new digital uses perfectly,” said Chockri Baaziz.

“Creating Econobots will firmly establish Econocom in robotics, pioneering technology in the digital world that has become essential for today’s society. This unique approach will enable us to address the market in an innovative way with an end-to-end offering,” added Philippe Borfiga, Deputy Managing Director of Services at Econocom.