Econocom presents e-vigilante, its new robot for monitoring industrial sites

Puteaux, 5 April 2018 – Econobots, Econocom’s dedicated service robotics division, introduces its latest innovation. After unveiling  Captain DC, the very first robot for data centre monitoring and surveillance, in 2016, Econobots presented e-vigilante today, a mobile, autonomous robot that patrols industrial facilities and logistics platforms.


Sometimes, all it takes is a fire or theft to jeopardise a company’s future. e-vigilante is designed to provide efficient, cost-effective internal surveillance for warehouses and industrial sites with large surface areas.

After spending a year consulting industry professionals (security agents, the police, industrial site directors, storage companies, etc.), Econobots designed the e-vigilante robot to perform three fundamental tasks:

1. Autonomous patrols 

Able to cover surfaces of up to 10,000 m², e-vigilante patrols at a speed of between 5 and 10 km/h to detect any anomalies, intrusions or movement. It is configured according to the layout of the site and can adapt to its environment autonomously, to avoid obstacles, for example. It charges automatically by returning to its charging dock whenever the battery runs low.

2. Real-time alerts (intrusion, fire, etc.)

As soon as an incident is detected, e-vigilante alerts an operator at the remote surveillance centre and sends a video in real time displaying its location and that of the incident.

3. Alarm verification  

As the robot is constantly linked up to a remote surveillance centre, an operator can remotely control e-vigilante in order to carry out alarm verifications, qualify alerts and take the necessary action, thus ensuring optimal risk prevention. The video and audio information recorded by e-vigilante is subsequently saved and can be used as proof in the event of an investigation.

e-vigilante illustrates our pragmatic innovation capabilities for improving our clients’ everyday lives. With this robot, we provide an efficient, cost-effective security solution for industrial sites. In the future, we’ll be able to devise new features for and with our clients, such as combining e-vigilante with a drone to optimise warehouse inventories,” said Chockri Baaziz, Director of Econobots, Econocom’s robotics division.