Econocom launches Captain DC, a robot designed to improve data centre monitoring and security

Econocom, a dedicated player in the digital transformation of businesses, and EOS Innovation, a subsidiary of Parrot, have presented the result of their co-development project: Captain DC, an autonomous robot that provides non-stop internal surveillance of data centres and immediate intervention when required.

Finalised at the end of 2015 after a successful prototype, Captain DC will be showcased at Storage Expo in Brussels on 15 & 16 June 2016.


Captain DC: an innovation based on feedback from the field

Econocom devised this robotic assistant for data centre staff thanks to feedback from its experts in the field. The purpose of the robot is to patrol the infrastructures 24h/7, send alerts and offer on-site assistance to the specialists when needed.

Captain DC continually sends alerts from the data centre, enables remote diagnostics of any technical problems encountered and assists the experts with day-to-day maintenance. All the data it collects can then be used to provide mapping and enterprise architecture services for the data centre.

Captain DC is the result of a co-innovation effort between Econocom’s R&D teams, its clients and its partner EOS Innovation, a subsidiary of Parrot. We combined our expertise to create a robot that addresses our clients’ everyday need in terms of operational excellence,” said Philippe Borfiga, Econocom’s Deputy Managing Director of Outsourcing & Maintenance Services


Captain DC was designed to perform 3 main tasks:

- Patrol the data centre:  24h/7 thanks to a series of embedded sensors ensuring both visual and audio surveillance, at levels undetectable by humans. It also monitors hygrometry and temperature levels in all the aisles of the data centre. It than therefore predict incidents when any anomalies are detected. It carries out autonomous patrols, can detect obstacles and human presence and returns to its base to charge up.

- Can be remotely controlled to detect incidents and carry out diagnostics to enable the surveillance teams to make immediate decisions.

- Guide the technician to the exact location of the incident and bring remote level-2 and 3 support to ensure more accurate diagnostics and faster, more secure intervention.


Captain DC is the product of the robotics intelligence EOS Innovation has deployed for six years. Econocom successfully addressed its data centre clients’ specific requirements: surveillance, real-time alerts and, through the data collected by the robot, the ability to offer consulting services. Econocom is a strategic partner whose high standards in the field have helped us to progress,” added Grégory Lebourdais, Communications Director of EOS Innovation.