Econocom launches a Big Data offering to boost the economic and operational performance of enterprise digital solutions

Puteaux, 17 May 2018 – Econocom, a European player specialising in the digital transformation of organisations, introduced its new MarS offering, (“Master all Resources”) today, which provides decision-makers with solutions to measure, monitor and improve performance of the digital solutions deployed to the company’s employees.

Today’s corporate employees are increasingly demanding: they expect to work with tools with quality and usefulness that match the standards they are used to from their personal devices. The digital tools and equipment provided by Management must therefore be faultless and tailored to each type of employee, whether they’re field forces or office-based, seasoned digital users or novices. Whatever the strategy and resources used, they’re the ones who ultimately decide to appropriate a solution – or not.

Robert Bouchard, CEO of Econocom, said: “These days, user satisfaction and adherence to digital tools are the key to an organisation’s performance. It is therefore vital to understand employees’ actual uses in their working environment: what they like and don’t like, what they’re looking for, in order to prevent digital waste resulting from tools that are under-utilised or misused, and thus make the right investment choices.”

MarS is a new solution by Econocom that enables organisations to analyse employees’ digital uses, so they can allocate them the right resources (assets, applications, connected devices) to match their needs at the best cost.

Based on a certified, secure Big Data architecture, MarS enables companies to exploit and analyse all the data from the lifecycle of digital resources used by the company’s users, smartly and efficiently.  It draws on the group’s solution deployment know-how and financial expertise. MarS is available as a subscription or pay-per-use solution, charged to the client per device or per user.

Martine Bayens, Executive Director of Econocom Group, explained: “Our MarS solution provides decision-makers with dashboards containing performance optimisation indicators – whether it’s operational, economic or technological performance. Thanks to Econocom’s expertise, this solution also includes advice and assistance to help companies leverage the full potential of digital.”

To build this solution, Econocom teamed up with some innovative partners who are recognised in their sector to guarantee its clients an agile, reliable tool for its clients, including the best solutions on the market:

  • Moskitos and its Crosscut® platform, which has been part of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for two years, and addresses the need for data display, orchestration and governance, with already over 2,500 B2B users worldwide.
  • InterAct and its tool for workstation and End User Experience monitoring which allows organisations to conduct end-to-end performance measurement (hardware, network, applications), detect causes of disfunctions and observe users’ uses and behaviour. It has been chosen to equip nearly 1,000,000 devices worldwide (PCs, smartphones, tablets).     
  • ServiceNow, the Enterprise Cloud Company, and its single platform, allows organisations to orchestrate the processes for lifecycle resource management and dynamically coordinate the everyday operational, administrative and financial flows associated with managing digital estates. Over 4,000 clients worldwide have already chosen ServiceNow to streamline and simplify working processes.